Colorado Camping

01 Jun

I don’t know how I managed to go two whole years without camping, but I did. Thankfully that streak is over – Graham & I headed to the Rockies over Memorial Day weekend for a group camping trip with friends. In short, absolutely amazing.

We arrived on Friday and headed to the Matthews household. Kyle & Melody Matthews moved to Denver a few years ago and were key in planning this camping trip. By Friday night the whole group was together at the Matthews house and kicked off the trip with a trial run – sleeping on the floor in their luxury basement.

Saturday morning we hit the road. After a number of pit stops along the way we arrived at the Rocky Mountain National Park around 2:00pm and set up camp. Not that I’m keeping score, but Graham & I were the first couple to get our tent assembled and sleeping bags rolled out! Go TEAM G&E!

Here’s a view of our campsite:

Once we were settled we went for a little meander just outside of our camping area. We came across a HUGE meadow of elk, tons a birds and just beautiful nature.

We wrapped up the day with some spagetti, smores, & hanging out by the campfire. When we checked into our campsite we were told we had the best sites in the park. Unfortunately one thing that didn’t work out too well was the fact that we were on the edge of the valley, and so when the wind picked up in the evening and rushed down the valley, we were in it’s path. In other words, our first night there was disrupted every few minutes [it felt like] with huge gushes of wind bellowing through the campsite and down the valley, tossing our tent around along the way.

Luckily we made a pit stop in town the next morning to pick up some coffee while part of the group went horse back riding. Once everyone was gathered up again we packed up some lunch and headed out for a hike. When we got on the shuttle to go up to the trail head the driver tells us there are a few patches of ice on the trail, so we should be careful. What he failed to mention was that the entire trail was covered in a foot of snow and on top of THAT were a few ice patches! But no worries, we championed it up to the top! Here are a few pictures of the hike:

Once we made our way down the mountain and back to the campsite just about everyone needed a nap. A two hour hike through the snow at 10,000 feet isn’t the easiest! Once again, we wrapped up the night with some tasty dinner, LOTS of s’mores and enjoying the campfire. Monday we packed up & enjoyed the last moments in the mountains. We headed back to Denver around noon, made a pitstop at the Matthews household once again then off to the airport. Overall it was an amazing trip, albeit a quick one. Good people, good food, beautiful nature, great hiking and lots of s’mores!

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