And We’re Off — Pink Button Creations!

11 Jun

Hello! I am very pleased to share some VERY exciting news! The short of it is: I have started a new project I decided to call Pink Button Creations. As of right now it consists of homemade cards uniquely designed with embroidery and buttons. You can view my online shop at:

For those of you who are interested in the story behind story, keep reading. For the rest of you, I have included a few pictures for you to skim. Don’t worry, I won’t judge you.

So the story behind Pink Button Creations. I’ve always had an interest in making things- knitting, home made cards, baking and even a little stint making jewelry back in the day. My creative side tends to come out in bursts and doesn’t always last long. I also have a tenancy to find a niche project and replicate my work over and over. For example, I have made about a dozen scarfs with the same pattern and only a slight variation in color. I would say my dedication to developing my creative side has been sporadic and limited over the years.

Let’s fast forward a little bit to December 2008. My mom gave me a sewing machine for Christmas and to be honest it wasn’t love at first sight. I liked the idea of having a sewing machine, but was also a novice and not too sure what to do with it. After a few weeks of having it in my closet I dusted it off and attempted to hem my first pair of pants. Uneasy about [potentially] tearing up a new pair of jeans, I practiced on some paper I had lying around. After doing this for a little bit I realized my practice sheet looked kind of cool. I grabbed some scraps of card stock and made little designs on the edges. I got into the habit of making a few of these every time I set up my sewing machine. It was nice to have some cute cards on hand for writing notes to friends or sending letters home. For about two years I left it at that. A little mini-project I would do whenever I had a pair of pants to hem.

Now let’s fast forward just a little bit more to May 2010. I sent one of these cards to my Mom who gave me a call upon receiving it. “Emy, these are adorable. You could sell these!” she exclaimed. The seed was planted. The wheels started turning. And we’re off.

Simultaneously during this time I had been doing a lot of self reflection. I became increasingly aware of how focused I am on logistics. Facts. Thought. Organizing. Planning. Dare I say “A-Type” personality? I quickly embraced the idea of having a creative outlet. A way for me to let go of my analytical mind and explore a world that didn’t have to make sense. A world of buttons, thread, colorful paper and ribbon. What I did was my own – I could make what I want – and every piece was an original. What freedom!

Within days I set up my sewing machine and hit the ground running. Ideas led to more ideas which led to many hours behind my sewing machine and MANY pricks from sewing buttons! As soon as I built up a little stock pile of cards I wanted to try my luck selling them online. After a few days of mulling over what to call my projected I decided on Pink Button Creations. Fun, fresh, crafty and broad enough for me to make other types of crafts under the same name.

So here we are! Only a few weeks in but I’ve got crafts made, a name, a little online store and many, many ideas! I’m excited for what this project can turn into, but more so, the balance it provides in my life. My mind still has a knack to circle around the logistics of life but focusing on Pink Button Creations helps me live in the moment.

So here we go! Let the adventure begin!!

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One response to “And We’re Off — Pink Button Creations!

  1. Graham

    June 11, 2010 at 1:42 pm

    So proud of you Emy!


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