On the mend…

21 Jun

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m sick. Thankfully by this point I am on the mend, working my way back to feeling 100%. So, here’s a little summary of the past week:

Last Monday started out with a ‘sorta’ sore throat. Only sore enough to be deemed annoying and need a handful of lozenges. Tuesday I woke up with a full blown sore throat and at this point knew that we were headed downhill, fast. At this point I loaded up on medicine, liquids, vitamin c and started gargling salt water. Wednesday and Thursday everything got worse, despite my best efforts to fight for health. Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning were a blur of nausea, vomiting and feeling very weak. A quick trip to the ER on Sunday morning confirmed that nothing was freakishly wrong. I probably picked up a bug that my dehydrated body was too weak to fight. While at the hospital they hooked me up to an IV which made a world of difference. Once my body was hydrated and sorted out I was able to slowly but surely stay hydrated and finally sleep without my churning stomach keeping me awake!

Today, Monday, I am at home resting. My stomach is feeling much better and I am slowly working my way back to solid foods. But now that my stomach is back to normal, I am still fighting the cold that begun everything! I swung by Rite Aid and picked up some medicine that is working wonders! I praying for a good nights sleep and hopefully enough energy to get back to normal tomorrow!

I want to give a special thanks to Graham who has been a superstar. He took GREAT care of me – running to the store, rubbing my feet, taking me to the hospital and even doing the dishes :D THANK YOU!!

With that, I’m hopping back in bed for a nap :)

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