~A Day On The Water~

10 Oct

Okay, to be honest it wasn’t a full day. Or a half day, really. It was a two hour kayak adventure Graham and I went on this afternoon that reminded me why San Diego is a great place to explore!

So, let me start from the beginning. I’m the kind of person that appreciates details and maybe you are too. If not scroll down to the picture and pick up from there.

So, as I was saying, both Graham and I subscribe to Groupon. Never heard of it? That’s a shame, but I’m glad I can fill you in. Per their website, Groupon is “one ridiculously huge coupon each day, on the best things to eat, see, do and buy in your city.” In other words, by subscribing here, you will receive a daily email offering a great price [generally 50% off] a restaurant, spa, adventure or other local treat. And no, they didn’t pay me to say that.

Anyways, now back to the story. A few months ago there was a deal on Groupon for 50% off kayaking tours through OEX Scuba & Kayak. Always excited about exploring of our city, we purchased the deal and put it on our list of things to do. For those of you in San Diego, you know this Summer was not a warm one. With the cold weather and busy schedules we never got around to paddling the water. Autumn arrived and our coupons were going to expire in a matter of weeks, so busy schedules  and funky weather aside we made it happen.

Now let’s jump to this afternoon. Out of nowhere San Diego received a blissfully sunny day. Not a cloud in the sky. We arrive at OEX, put on a life vest and helmet [yeah, we laughed too. It was mandatory] and headed down to the water. After a quick introduction to kayaking we were in the water with our tour guides, Ben and Trevor, and about a dozen other adventures.

Now this is where things get exciting [I know, this is what you’ve been waiting for!] While we were close to shore we saw a sea turtle! Apparently this is rare for this area. Still keeping close to shore we saw approximately two dozen tiger sharks. Here’s a picture of these cute little guys:

These guys are so cute because they are harmless! They have tiny mouths, eat sand crabs and aren’t a threat to humans. A little further out we saw tons of bright orange Garibaldi- California’s state fish! As we got closer to the caves we saw a giant male seal and a whole frock of females. Our tour guides were extremely patient and had great information to tell and stories to share. To top it off we discovered Trevor-the-tour-guide went to high school with some good friends of ours!

Our final destination was La Jolla cave, which has a pretty interesting history. Approximately 100 years ago someone dug down to this cave and build a stairway for tourists. In time, this passageway was used for some shenanigans[illegal trade and trafficking] to the point of having the Federal Government step in and set up some regulations. Whew! After a quick jaunt into the cave we began the leisurely paddle back to land. And thank goodness. While the great views and sea life kept me occupied I was exhausted and starting to get nauseous from the waves.

So there you have it, an absolutely wonderful and affordable adventure in our own back yard!

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