A Thousand Words…

20 Jan

Wedding plans are unfolding and boy do I have something sweet to share with you. We have selected our photographer and I am simply beyond excited to announce THE Nick Donner will be shooting our wedding! Here are a few snapshots from his website, but I urge you to check him out for yourself []. I love his balance of fresh & vivid colors, contrast and emotions. I mean, come on…need I say more?


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One response to “A Thousand Words…

  1. Debi Nowak-Hawkes

    January 20, 2011 at 5:47 pm

    How exciting! Does Nick live on the east coast?
    This stuff is making your wedding all sound so real now….and I still haven’t had a chance to hug my FDIL!
    Your teary-eyed FMIL ~ Debi


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