Blackouts Stink [literally]

09 Sep

Yesterday morning it seemed like a good idea to skip a shower. Well, it wasn’t necessary a “good idea” but it was a preferable one as I lay snuggled in bed [c’mon, you’ve all done it too…. right?]. I justified it by promising myself that “I’ll take one tonight.” I finally rolled out of bed, masked the little bit of greasies in my hair and made my way to work. The day flies by and on the home stretch of the afternoon – less than two hours until it’s time to head home – and the power goes out. For all of San Diego. The two most painful offenders in my opinion: air conditioning and traffic lights. My four mile commute took over an hour and the house was at a toasty 82* when I got home. This is the part where I REALLY wish I took a shower that morning!

Alas, by 7:00pm both Graham and I were home safely and we enjoyed a little “indoor camping.” Candlelight, hodgepodge meals, and reading by flashlight. We also went for a walk through our neighborhood. It was great to see so many people disengaged from technology and chatting it up with their neighbors! It dawned on us that this is a glimpse of what San Diego used to look like before street lights. Crazy!

We opted to hop in bed early and therefore missed the power coming back on around 11:00pm. After a slightly chaotic end to yesterday, life is back to business as usual today. Oh, and I finally got that shower I was dreaming of!

How was your power outage experience? Share your story in the comments :)


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2 responses to “Blackouts Stink [literally]

  1. piscesaseret

    September 9, 2011 at 5:12 pm

    I heard about that on the radio on my way to class this morning. But that view looks awesome!


  2. Debi Nowak-Hawkes

    September 9, 2011 at 6:40 pm

    I agree, the absence of technology can actually be FUN for a while! Makes you realize just how dependent we are on electricity! We have a generator and that sure came in handy the last time our power went out for more than a few hours. After the Northridge earthquake we realized the only battery operated radio we had was Robert’s little bicycle radio. A radio is another good thing to have on hand along with a few flashlights.

    Can’t wait for our “Segway Adventure!”
    ooxoxooo ~ Debi


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