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New in the Shop: Button Pendants!

Autumn is almost here and I nearly jumping for joy. Not only is it my favorite season, bringing about change and candy corn, it means a bit of relaxation after a busy Summer. You can read more about my deep love for Autumn here, because I want to move on and tell you about all of the new stuff going on in the Pink Button Creations shop!

Button Pendants ! ! !

All of the newness of Back to School and anticipation of Autumn has inspired me to delve into my creativity and play around with some new ideas. As you know, I love love love buttons and am so excited to have a new way to wear them! Here, take a peek [click image to see full posting]:

Black and Pink Button Pendant - Hand sewn - One of a Kind


Button Pendant - White, Blue and Orange - Hand Sewn


Happy Tuesday!

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Blog Feature::A Little Bit of Everything

Good Morning and a good morning it is! I woke up this morning to find a friendly little email in my inbox notifying me one of my Pink Button Creations journals has been featured on A Little Bit of Everything! It is part of the Button Wednesday series and today’s theme is button journals! Perfect! Click on the image below to see the full post.

A Little Bit of Everything:: Journals With Buttons::PinkButton Creations journal is the first item featured!

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New Product Launch: Pink Button Creation NOTEPADS!

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great weekend, I sure did! Something magical happened on Saturday – due to a certain change of events, I had an ENTIRE day to myself to do whatever I pleased. So, I kicked off the day running a few errands then spent all afternoon and evening cozied up in my apartment working on crafts. It was glorious, trust me. As a result of hours of uninterrupted work I was able to explore a few new things and create some fun stuff!

I am happy to annouce that I have a new Pink Button Creations product launch! Here’s a peek of a new product line of notepads!

DISCLAIMER: you DO NOT need to be an organized person to use this product, but proceed with caution. Use of a notepad on a regular basis may result in efficiency.

Love Dove Notepad – Red and Black Buttons. Click on image to see online posting

The Perfect Notepad For Life - Bright Sunshiny Day. Click on image to see online posting

Notepad For Life - Watermelon Bicycle. This one sold within 2 hours of being posted! Don't fret, I've got more in the works!

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Stamping & Sewing

I imagine some people get all jazzed about new bits of technology. Fresh thread and shiny buttons do the same for me. I cut loose last week and bought my hearts desire of crafting materials and have spent the majority of the past few days up to my ears in love with some new creations! I have just about everything posted on my online shop, but also wanted to share them here. You can click each image to view the individual listing:


I ♥ My Bicycle - Stamped and Sewn Stationery - 4 Cards and Envelopes

Hip Hip Hooray Birthday- Stamped and Sewn Stationery - 4 Cards and Envelopes

Bailey Birdie - Stamped and Sewn Stationery - 4 Cards and Envelopes

Peace Dove - Stamped and Sewn Stationery - 4 Cards and Envelopes

Want to keep up with the latest from Pink Button Creations? Become a fan on Facebook by clicking here then clicking the ‘like’ button at the top of the page. You will be the first to know about new products AND be eligible for free give aways!

Now I’m curious to know what YOU are working on! Any crafters out there want to share their latest projects? Leave a comment in the comment section and tell  us what you’re all about :)

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A Crafty Holiday

I know we are just wee hours into November, but I wanted to let you in on a little holiday fun. It’s a 6 week long blog series focused handmade for the holidays. The whole shindig is organized by a wonderful blogger, Angela Flicker and kicked off on her blog yesterday. I will be blogger-of-the-day on November 17, so mark your calendars!

I included the full lineup below. Please join me in supporting the handmade community this holiday season and drop in every now and again. Let’s be mindful of our purchasing power and join this grassroots movement!

11/1/10 –

11/2/10 –

11/3/10 –

11/4/10 –

11/5/10 –

11/8/10 –

11/9/10 –

11/10/10 –

11/11/10 –

11/12/10 –

11/15/10 –

11/16/10 –

11/17/10 –

11/18/10 –

11/19/10 –

11/22/10 –

11/23/10 –

11/24/10 –

11/26/10 –

11/29/10 –

11/30/10 –

12/1/10 –

12/2/10 –

12/3/10 –

12/6/10 –

12/7/10 –

12/8/10 –

12/9/10 –

12/10/10 –

12/13/10 –

12/14/10 –

12/15/10 –

Here’s a peek of some Pink Button Creations Holiday treats:


Cute as a Button - Green, Red and White Earrings

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10/16/10 Breast Cancer Awareness Blog Hop

Hello there! Thanks for hopping over. If you landed here today, chances are you are participating in the 10/16/10 Breast Cancer Awareness Blog Hop. Thank you so much for being on board and showing your support. If you are lost and looking for the beginning of the blog hop, please start at DSJM Designs to start the journey!

As I was thinking about this post, I began to ponder what is Breast Cancer Awareness, really? What is the purpose and what do I have to say about it? As I clicked from site to site and spoke to family and friends, I joyously discovered the result of this movement is building strong community.

Here’s a little story to describe how I see it: The police station in my neighborhood has a ridiculously large sign that reads “CommUNITY Center” (and yes, it really is written like that). At first glance I thought this sign was cliché, but quickly realized the significance. As a community we become unified. We help one another. Our souls find rest in knowing we are working together. Life seems a little bit safer and a little more manageable when we know we are not alone. When something as life-shaking as breast cancer sneaks into your world, it is community that helps you take a deep breath and move forward. This is life in the most beautiful sense. Being real and letting others into the sticky places in our lives.

Here’s a little something I made to represent my involvement. To show that I am in. that I care. I also want to contribute to the community, so I will be giving these earrings away to one of the followers of this blog. To subscribe, click the button on the right labeled ‘Sign Me Up’ under the ‘Email Subscriptions’ header. The random drawing will be held on Sunday 10/17/10 and the winner will be announced right here! To take a peek at more button earrings and sewn stationery, you can visit

Pink Button Earrings by Pink Button Creations


Cute as a Button - Pink, White and Grey Earrings


Well that’s about all I’ve got for you here. Once again, thanks for stopping by! Now hop on over to Tracy at to see what fun stuff she’s got brewing! Happy Hopping!


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Pink Button Creations::Free Give Away

Who’s ready for a free give away?? Pink Button Creations is doing a random drawing on August 31 and one lucky Pink Button Creations fan will receive their choice of button earrings or stationery!

Click the link below then click ‘Like’ for your chance to win!

Keep your fingers crossed you’ll be the lucky winner! I will announce the winner by Tuesday evening.

Thank you for your support  :-)

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